Earn Matic

Yes if you hold $MTM you will earn stMatic

We are the pioneers when it comes to reward $MATIC ( stMATIC ) to holders, The reflections tokens are new on polygon network.

We are one of the most effective company

We say, we deliver, if you are in this community for a couple of months you know by now anything we compromise doing it we do, not only on the giveaways but also in our roadmap, we have long dates for everything and it takes time, but we deliver! 

Who we are?

Lets start with me, Im Fabio and Im the creator of MTM, BTCe and USDe, I got into crypto in 2017, but was in the bear market that got me staying here and since then I have been building and improving any project that I touch and work with.

Then we have Nate, he is our main community manager on discord and telegram, he is the one that I talk before doing any main decisions on the project we work in.

Then we have the helpers, that help on the decisions we make and also help in the management of discord and telegram, they are big and important part of the project.

Do you hold $MTM?

You can check when its estimate to be your next payment, check out our dashboard: https://mtm.smbswap.finance/mtmdashboard

Holding $MTM has more then one use case

Yes you are not only earning stMATIC, by holding over 100 $MTM you also get our famous role on discord called @MTM - Social media army , with that you get access to #rains🌧 #spam-📬 and #community-tasks-mtm   and as well higher rewards compare to the others.

why polygon network?

We have been in ETH and BSC network, but they are way more expensive then Polygon, the fees are cheaper and its fast, not only that but  we had a voting with the team and the winner was polygon.

About me


Hello that is me! But if you want to ask me any question live, go ahead and follow me on dlive: https://dlive.tv/milliontokenmatic

 First of all, I love GOD above anything in my life and a father of 2 little girl. After that I love what I do with crypto, I dont work only for $MTM, $BTCe and $MTM, I also like to help and support other crypto project or anything related with crypto, Thats why you may see @1milliontokens twitting about other projects.

More about $MTM

Name: MillionTokenMatic
Ticker: MTM
Max supply: 1,000,000
contract: 0x5467ca08e0a02c54b873aafef216157873bfaffd
explorer: https://polygonscan.com/token/0x5467ca08e0a02c54b873aafef216157873bfaffd

To earn hold: 10 $MTM
fee: 3% in total

When will be your next payment?
Check our dashboard, clique the image below.


  • q4 2022

    -In 2022, what we will be focus on is do Giveaways and task so people can learn and earn $MTM

    Q1/Q2 2023

    -We will keep doing the giveaway and present $MTM to the world
    -We will create our first trading competition

    Q3/Q4 2023

    -We will have our first Staking on, Stake $MTM and earn $MATIC
    -Create our NFT platfrom, where anyone can post NFT, buy/sell with $MTM

  • 2024

    -In 2024 we want to give a big upgrade in our website
    -Do bigger givaways for
    everyone holding the $MTM


                                                                  BUY $MTM

    Check $BTCE and $USDe from the $MTM team


    Hold $BTCe earn $BTC

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    Hold $USDe earn $BUSD

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