Earn $bUSD

Just need to hold $USDe and you will earn $BUSD

$USDearn was created in 2022, one of the first token that you can earn by watching a livestream: https://dlive.tv/Milliontokenmatic , PTW
In our live stream you will be earning 100 $USDe every 5 min as long as your are active ( this amount will be reduced as the usde price increase )
Not only that but we also do lots of random giveaways and we always have activities for the community.

Why we created $USDe

First in my opinion the best token to own in a bear market is a stable coin, that's why the contract rewards people holding $USDe the $Busd.
USDe was also created to be our gateway, get more people into our community, they will start earning free USDe and as we promote $MTM and $BTCe on the dlive, they will learn about them as well.


Who we are

All the information about us is on the MTM website, please click on " About us "

About us
Do you hold $USDE?
You can check when its estimate to be your next payment, check out our dashboard: https://mtm.smbswap.finance/usdedashboard

Holding $USDe has more then one use case
Yes you are not only earning $BUSD, by holding over 25000 $USDe you also get our famous role on discord called "@$USDe - Im earning $bUSD"  , with that you get access to #rains🌧 #spam-📬 and #community-tasks-usde and as well higher rewards compare to the others.

The Huge potencial

$USDe is the token from the $MTM that was the biggest potencial of upside, why?

-More people will own it
-The price its the smaller ( everyone loves to own big amounts of tokens)

-We talk about it in every live stream

More about $USDe

Name: USDearn
Ticker: USDe
Max supply: 1,000,000,000
contract: 0x4d251240F86bCaaab5cb9271b0340c87b2AD8a77
explorer: https://bscscan.com/token/0x4d251240F86bCaaab5cb9271b0340c87b2AD8a77

To earn hold: 1000 $USDe

   fee: 3% in total

 When will be your next payment?

Check our dashboard, clique the image below.


  • q4 2022

    -Trading competition with $USDe
    -Stake $USDe earn $BNB or $BTCe
    -Promote $USDe on Dlive and twitter

  • Q1/Q2 2023

    -Promote $USDe on Dlive and twitter
    - Do giveaway with multiple winners

    Q3/Q4 2023

    -Promote $USDe on Dlive and twitter
    -Trading competition with $USDe
    -Stake $USDe earn $BNB or $BTCe


    In 2024 should be the start of the bull run, so we will start with a heave marketing and bigger giveaways


                                                                   BUY USDe